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Students will focus on five areas of study, which serve as the foundation for learning at Music and Method. They are:

Music Theory

Understanding the language of music;
its rules, notation and structure.

Music theory is the foundation upon which songs are written, learned and performed. Knowing the principles and elements of music are essential to its proper expression. In other words, you cannot play music without understanding it. Through practical exercises, students will learn music fundamentals, one by one, before advancing beyond the basics.

Sight Reading

Reading and performing written music,
at ‘sight’, without prior practice.

Students must be able to read and spontaneously perform notated music without rehearsing it beforehand. This is a critical skill for the musician to have because it reflects an understanding of pitches and rhythms and results in the ability to play music instantaneously.


Using proper playing style and form.

Technique is the manner that produces and controls particular musical effects. It is the best way to generate sound quality. By practicing specific motions and postures, students will improve his command over the instrument.


A collection of accomplished songs.

Students will select and prepare particular songs to be included in a set of completed works they are able to perform. When students choose their own music, they are more motivated to learn them. Building a sizable and diverse repertoire helps shape a well-rounded musician.


Sharing music with others.

Performing in front of any audience is important to a student’s music experience because it develops skill in preparation for it and boosts self-confidence afterward. The more time and effort that goes into learning a song, the better prepared the student will be.

Performing is also important because it provides the student with an opportunity to interact with and give back to the music community around him. Music is never meant to be kept to oneself in the practice room at home. So be ready to play on!