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We are currently hiring!

Music Teacher Job Opening

We are looking for an exceptional music teacher who shares our vision of seeing students read and perform music to their potential.

About Us

At Music and Method, we teach students to read music. We believe it is through understanding music notes, rhythms and symbols that students develop an ability to perform skillfully. When you can read music thoroughly, there is no limit to what you can play or sing!

  • Associates (preferred)
  • Teaching: 1 year (preferred)
 Job Details
  • Salary (Contract): $25-35/hour
  • Flexible hours
  • Located in Staten Island
  • Intermediate to advanced experience in a primary instrument
  • A love for music and a passion to teach
  • A commitment to grow relationships with students and their families
  • Strong communication skills
  • Availability to schedule lessons between Monday and Saturday
  • Willingness to travel to students homes for in-person classes
  • Always be prepared to teach your students
  • Attend all required meetings and events
    • Scheduled lessons
    • Team meetings
    • Teacher evaluations
    • Student performances
  • Communicate student progress with their family following every lesson.
  • Build peer relationships at the studio.
    • Students should collaborate with each other.
    • Students should participate in at least one group class and one performance per year.
    • Retain students every month.

Qualified and interested applicants are required to fill in an application form here.
For any questions, please email