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As a 30 yr old beginner, I was hesitant to dive into the world of music, but I knew it was something I always wanted to do. I am starting to read music on my own now!

Laura S.Adult piano student

My daughter has been taking guitar lessons for about 8 months now. She went from not knowing anything about a guitar, to playing and reading the notes as well.

Lee T.Guitar student parent

My voice has continually improved since Edmund’s approach with note reading has made me feel comfortable and confident with singing!

Sarah L.Voice student

Edmund's method of learning to read and respond to music is a strategy that will lead to lifelong playing.

Jeanna S.Piano student

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Both my daughters took piano lessons with Edmund for many years. They didn’t want to stop.

Barry U.Piano student parent

I love his method for teaching and breaking down all the components into simple repeatable tasks that when put all together allow the student to play any piece of music from beginning to end.

Bill H.Adult piano student

Edmund helped me find my love for playing the piano.

Crystal L.Piano student

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What To Expect At Music and Method:

  • Understand music notes, rhythms and symbols
  • Learn and perform songs you want
  • Use practice strategies that work
  • Increase skills
  • Improve technique
  • Expand repertoire
  • Boost confidence

He was able to assess my level quickly and provide methodical instruction that allowed me to progress rapidly. He wants to be sure you understand what you're doing; he really cares about your learning.

Swapna R.Piano student

Edmund has been a wonderful vocal coach. He is passionate about his job and honestly cares to see his students improve. Because of my lessons, I was able to sing along to sheet music with his help.

Anisha D.Voice student

Edmund truly is the best of the best. He is able to break down the information into simple terms. I learned more in a week with Edmund, than I did in the several months I had taken piano lessons prior to coming here.

Rachael D.Adult piano student

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Edmund is an excellent music teacher, he teaches how to read the notes, not just to play.

Samy M.Piano student parent

Edmund's teaching style is one of understanding and growth.

Erin B.Adult piano student

He listens and takes his time to explain and help Abigail understand music.

Amy C.Piano student parent

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