Music and Method was founded by Edmund Yu in February 2002 on Staten Island, New York. He began to provide private piano instruction at the request of students and soon gained an appreciation for teaching.

In addition to acquiring a music education, students are awarded four supplemental benefits, namely, exercise of the creative spirit, improvement in emotional health, increase in organization and development of self-confidence. Motivated by this great potential for learning, Edmund established a serious program for piano students.

Edmund created a program for Music and Method that educates students using a fundamental approach. This approach explores five areas of discipline, which lay the foundation for advanced studies: technique and form, music theory, sight reading, repertoire and performance. As a result, students demonstrate consistent progress throughout their courses of study at Music and Method.

Edmund expanded Music and Method to include instruction in violin and guitar, and beginning in 2009, he added voice training.

Music and Method inspires its students to achieve excellence through their learning of music.